Engaging, metrics-driven programs that blend one-to-one coaching, 360-degree feedback, self-study materials, and field practice into a “surround strategy” that creates real improvements at every turn.



For individual leaders wishing to transform how they get things done through others.



Designed for organizations, ready to deploy, with enduring, measurable results.

Is improving how you find, grow and retain top talent an imperative?

By shifting leadership mindsets and behaviors, Catalyze makes your team a more desirable place to work.  People “join a company” but often “leave a boss.”

Are you missing out on higher performance levels?  

By asking teams and individuals for more, you’ll often get more.   But only if you and your leaders have cultivated strong, well-thought-out approaches to guiding, coaching, and holding others accountable.

Are you looking to shift your group’s culture?

Telling your team who we want to be or how to behave helps, but is not nearly as powerful as setting an example by shifting your own daily words and actions to reflect your top principles and priorities.   Catalyze can help.

Are you looking for easier and more effective ways to lead? 

Learn practical tactics you can put to use tomorrow to improve your leadership.  Save your sanity, get better results, and maybe even have more fun working with your team!

At the heart of every organization’s success lies the often-overlooked art & science of “getting things done through others.”  If not actively cultivated, a leader pays the price:  lower employee productivity, loyalty, accountability, development, and profitability.  The smartest strategies and most compelling organizational missions may fall flat if not supported by top-notch day-to-day leadership habits.

By providing a practical playbook, coaching, assessment tools, in-the-field practice, carefully curated topical readings, success tracking, and other supports over the course of 8-10 months, Catalyze’s leadership programs spark real, measurable, and durable leadership improvement in you or the leader (or group of leaders) you enroll.

Catalyze leadership programs are dished up in a unique, flexible format that is easy on a participant’s busy schedule (about 1 hour per week) and also on your budget.  Fees are refunded if a fully participating leader doesn’t shift key behaviors for the better by the end of the program.

More About Catalyze

Contact us to discuss whether a Catalyze program is right for you or your organization.

Learn more about the content and logistics of a Catalyze 1:1 program for the individual leader who enrolls.

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Learn how a Catalyze program compares to traditional leadership training or executive coaching.

What they’re saying about Leadership Development Programs
Developed by Catalyze Founder Kirstin Lynde

“…more than transformational for me…” – Director, Global Outsourcing

“…focused on real-world results, not buzzwords or theory.” – Project Manager

“…we’ve saved many a new hire or made an extra deal as a result.” – Executive VP

“…the turning point in my management career.” – Recruiting Director

“…combined intelligence, savvy and compassion.” – Project Manager

“…conveyed in a fun and exciting way, keeping us eager to learn more.” – Regional Director

“…a great stepping stone to not only become a better manager, but also a better person.” – Recruiting Director

“…delivered in a way that allowed time for new skills to become ingrained.” – Solutions Director

“…I’m a better, stronger, and more effective manager.” – Regional Managing Director

“…Kirstin brings immense dedication and creativity…” – Chief People Officer

“…I’m amazed how everything in the program still resonates.” – Senior Operations Manager